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Deidas Relic
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Ludopolis 2018

Deidas Relic

Senna Coill is a mercenary, former Gemtechs Federation freight pilot, he's been hired to find an ancient artifact whose rumors say that it has been discovered on a planet dominated by the Qynt, the most bloodthirsty galactic empire ever known. What appeared to be a simple reconnaissance and capture mission would soon become a chase for a relic that will decide the fate of the universe.

Awarded as 'The best narrative' game of Ludopolis 2018. Deidas Relic is a Scifi game, with an intense and dramatic plot. You will be able to use spaceships, defeat your enemies, while discovering the main characters and even do missions of different complexities, unlocking new stories.
Play Deidas Relic and discover what happens to the human race in a dystopian future.

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